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We know you’d like quick relief from your pain so you can get moving again and get back to your healthy, active life. All physical therapy treatment here in HPC Santa Barbara is meant to prevent future problems so you’ll learn how to take charge of your pain.


I Know my Posture is Getting Worse! What can I do?

Improving posture & preventing fractures

Is within your control!

Osteoporosis, called the “Silent Disease” because it happens without our knowing it, causes thinner, weaker bones that are far more susceptible to breaking (facture). Although the disease can occur in both sexes, postmenopausal women are at a far greater risk than men. A stooped posture is quite common, often resulting in pain, loss of mobility, height, and even lung capacity. Fractures may occur in the spine, hip and wrist and are frequently caused by falls. Often in pain and fearful of falling again, patients with osteoporosis become less and less active which, in turn, makes their bones even more brittle. At the Human Performance Center our physical therapists specialize in the treatment of osteoporosis and the secondary problems that often result. They help clients break through the vicious cycle of pain, poor posture, and inactivity. In fact, we regularly assist those with posture, strength, and balance problems become more comfortable and active again.

How we can help…

Improve posture; exercise safely

If you have osteoporosis, you may be unsure about what activities are safe and even helpful and what activities may be dangerous. Our physical therapists with advanced clinical expertise often start by focusing on pain relief, then move on to spinal decompression exercises and postural correction. You’ll learn appropriate weight bearing and strengthening exercises which research has found to be quite effective. Your balance systems will be tested and a specific program of exercises will be created for you that will help you live with more safety and confidence.

What to expect…

The right treatment combination

We’ll work closely with your physician and other health care professionals to address all the issues relating to your condition. This includes medications, appropriate nutrition including calcium supplements and vitamins, and other risk factor reduction issues. You’ll learn to feel safe again and increase your activity using proven strategies for a healthier lifestyle.

How to get our help…

Ask your doctor or call us directly

Your physician, medical provider or specialist can refer you to the Human Performance Center or you or a family member can contact us directly for more information. In either case, we coordinate our care with your personal physician. Please contact us by phone at: 805 687-8553 Or, e-mail us at:

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