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Physical Therapy Services at HPC

We know you’d like quick relief from your pain so you can get moving again and get back to your healthy, active life. All physical therapy treatment here in HPC Santa Barbara is meant to prevent future problems so you’ll learn how to take charge of your pain.

Cardiac Therapy

What will Life be Like with my Heart Condition?

A strong heart & self-confidence

They’re within your control!

For over 35 years, physical therapist Bob Huhn and the Human Performance Center have teamed with local physicians to help people just like you successfully recover from the most common cardiac conditions and heart procedures. You’ll be an active participant in this medically supervised program where you’ll improve your physical condition and emotional well being while reducing your risk for future cardiac events. Patients who join this time-tested program have one of these diagnoses: coronary artery disease, heart attack, congestive heart failure, cardiomyopathy, and peripheral arterial disease. Or after having: open-heart surgery, angioplasty, stent insertion, heart valve surgery, or pacemaker/defibrillator implantation.

How we can help…

Regain & maintain an active lifestyle

We’ll closely monitor your EKG, blood pressure, and heart rate as you increase your activity level to be sure your heart is functioning safely. We’ll guide you through a safe, effective exercise program that will become a part of a more healthy lifestyle. We’ll help you modify many of the lifestyle risk factors that may have contributed to your cardiac condition and may also reduce the risk of future cardiac events.

What to expect…

A Comprehensive program

We’ll stay in close contact with your cardiologist or primary care physician every step of the way providing progress reports and information to help your doctor manage your medical condition. You’ll learn to exercise safely while your EKG, heart rate, blood pressure and symptoms are monitored by clinical experts. You’ll build up your physical tolerance and you’ll know how much activity is within your capability. You’ll receive eight, one-hour education sessions where you’ll learn even more about your cardiac condition, your risk factors, and how to modify your lifestyle for a safer, healthier future. We also offer individual dietary counseling from a Registered Dietitian for managing cholesterol and weight control. Emotional support for both you and your family are available from affiliated clinical psychologists or marriage and family therapists. After completing the program, you’ll be given guidelines for returning to your own gym or health club, or you can continue to participate in the HPC maintenance program.

How to get our help…

Ask your doctor or call us directly

Your physician, medical provider or specialist can refer you to the Human Performance Center or you or a family member can contact us directly for more information. In either case, we coordinate our care with your personal physician. Please contact us by phone at: 805 687-8553 Or, e-mail us at:

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