Human Performance Center Physical Therapy in Santa Barbara

Physical Therapy Services at HPC

We know you’d like quick relief from your pain so you can get moving again and get back to your healthy, active life. All physical therapy treatment here in HPC Santa Barbara is meant to prevent future problems so you’ll learn how to take charge of your pain.

Walking and Running Gait Analysis

I am having difficulty walking (or running).

You may take walking or running for granted until it becomes painful, unstable or difficult. You may ask “why now?” Small abnormal movement patterns may lead to pain or instability when walking or running is prolonged or intense. These abnormalities may have a muscular or neurological origin. Overuse or stress related injuries can occur such as tendonitis, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, stress fractures, patello-femoral syndrome, and hip bursitis. Instability or rigidity during walking can lead to falls.

How Human Performance Physical Therapists assist me?

Our staff are experts in analyzing the human movement system. We provide in-depth evaluations of gait – the manner or walking and running. Our therapists closely observe your movement patterns from the front, back and side views in order to determine deviations from normal. Video analysis may be a part of this process to enable a stop action, frame by frame analysis to quantification your movement patterns. These findings together with our measurements of your strength, range or motion/ flexibility and balance enable us to pin point deviations from normal and design a treatment plan. This may include therapeutic exercise for strengthening or stretching and changes in your walking pattern or footwear.

How you can receive our services

Your physician, medical provider or specialist can refer you to the Human Performance Center or you can contact us directly. Contact US for email, telephone or driving information.

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