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We know you’d like quick relief from your pain so you can get moving again and get back to your healthy, active life. All physical therapy treatment here in HPC Santa Barbara is meant to prevent future problems so you’ll learn how to take charge of your pain.

Vestibular Therapy

I’m so Dizzy all the Time. I feel like I’m Spinning.

Relief of vertigo…

Is within your control!

When the world starts spinning out of control and everything is moving in circles, you can’t take anything for granted. Anyone who has developed sudden dizziness or loss of balance knows how debilitating it can be. You don’t have to live with this problem—we’re here to help. At the Human Performance Center, we’ve partnered with physicians and successfully treated the following Vestibular Disorders: Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) Sometimes called Positional Vertigo Vestibular Neuritis Vestibular Labyrinthitis Acoustic Neuroma Post-Op Acoustic Neuroma resection Dizziness related to Motion Sensitivity Mal de Debarquement Motion Sensitivity Aging, Dizziness & Imbalance

How We can Help?

Regain & maintain an active lifestyle

You will receive an evaluation of your vestibular (balance) system by Dr. Diane Barrickman, a physical therapist who is a certified vestibular specialist. This evaluation will focus initially on identifying the movements which may be responsible for your dizziness symptoms using state of the art diagnostic testing equipment. We will also evaluate the compensatory patterns you use to minimize your symptoms as well as your balance, posture, and musculature.

What to Expect…

A Comprehensive program

You will receive customized Vestibular Rehabilitation including a Home Program designed to help you reduce and/or abolish your symptoms while teaching you how to gain control over your disorder. Sometimes, during treatment, you may initially experience increased dizziness, but with consistent care and follow through with your home exercise program, you will experience a gradual progressive reduction of your dizziness.

How to get our help…

Ask your doctor or call us directly

Your physician, medical provider or specialist can refer you to the Human Performance Center or you or a family member can contact us directly for more information. In either case, we coordinate our care with your personal physician. Please contact us by phone at: 805 687-8553 Or, e-mail us at:

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